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Observed Urine Specimen Collections

What is an "observed urine collection"?

Simply put, an observed urine collection happens when a urine drug screen collector watches the urine donor urinate into the collection cup.

Professionally Observed Collections

Our observers conduct themselves as professionals at all times. They observe the entire collection process from start to finish and assist with the completing of all necessary collection paperwork.

Observers act as witnesses ensuring the that collector and donor verify that the identifying data matches the bottle label, ledger, chain of custody and that the specimen collection bottle is free of debris upon assignment by the collector. When the collector is the same gender as the donor, the collector will, in most cases, act as the observer.

How is an observed urine specimen collection performed?

We follow US DOT guidelines for observed collections. These guidelines are in Title 49 (A) ยง40.67 (g). An overview of the observed urine collection is as follows:

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