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DNA Banking / DNA Profiling

DNA Test

DNA Banking

Our DNA banking service provides peace of mind to organizations and private individuals by providing DNA-sample storage in a safe and highly secure environment. Clients receive a banking certificate stating the storage period (15 years), the names of the persons authorized to retrieve or use the samples, and other important information. Banked samples may be used for future DNA tests. We test each sample for the presence of viable DNA before storing it.

DNA Profiling

Our DNA banking and profiling services allow individuals to prepare for the future by preserving their genetic information. Our DNA-profiling service allows individuals to obtain a record of their genetic profile—a unique combination of locations found in their DNA that serves as a permanent genetic ID.

Clients receive a typing report that lists their allele sizes at each DNA locus.
Clients may use these services for several purposes:
• To protect against illegitimate claims on an individual’s estate
• To provide a standard for comparison and identification of people in high-risk professions, such as men and women in the military or law enforcement.