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DOT Audit Preparation Services.

Often, fears and concerns about a DOT audit may exist; however, they can be eased if you have taken every step to pass a DOT audit before it happens. Our professionals can help you be prepared for your next DOT inspection and audit before the DOT auditor even comes to your location.

DOT Audit Preparation in

There are many "to-do's" involved in preparing for a DOT audit or inspection. One item to prepare for is your list of drivers and equipment. This will need to be presented upon inspection. Certain records relative to the requirements of the regulations will be inspected, including your records from our Transmetron drug test results as well as the testing dates. On occasion, supporting documentation will have to be provided. Auditors will ask for the location of all records and probably will ask who is in charge of the records.

Companies who properly prepare for audits beforehand will avoid disasters during the actual Department of Transportation (DOT) audit. This is a great way to know that your company is up to date with its processes and required documentation before it's too late. We also provide DOT mock audits to help businesses further prepare for an inspection by the DOT.

Transmetron provides DOT compliant services.

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